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May Federal Budget Deficit Comes in at $58 Billion

In a once a year revision, the Treasury also said it now expects the Troubled Asset Relief Program to cost a total of $48 billion. That's down from an estimate in August of 2009 that the total cost of the program could reach as hi

The government is getting more back for its investments in banks than it originally estimated it would, an official said.

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The Federal Government's budget deficit came in at $58 billion in May, down 58% from May 2010, the Treasury Department reported today in its monthly budget statement.

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Treasury To Delaying Selling More Shares of GM Till At Least July

The Treasury, which owns one third of GM, can file for a secondary offering as soon as May 22nd.

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The U.S. Treasury Department has decided to delay selling more shares of General Motors (NYSE:GM) until after July, hoping that the stock will rise substantially in that time, two people familiar with the decision told Bloomberg N

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What's In The News: May 12, 2011

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This is what's in the news for Thursday, May 12th. Reuters reports that AIG (AIG) and the Treasury Department said they will sell about $9B in AIG stock, but sources familiar with the situation said the Treasury would pull the sal

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AIG, Treasury Commence Offering 300 Million Shares of AIG Stock

AIG will sell 100 million shares, while the Treasury Department will sell at least 200 million. AIG will not receive any of the proceeds from the Treasury Department's sale.

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American International Group, Inc. (NYSE:AIG) announced this morning that it, along with the U.S. Department of the Treasury, have commenced a registered public offering of AIG common stock, par value $2.50 per share.

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U.S. Government Posts $188 Billion Deficit In March

The cumulative deficit through the first half of fiscal 2011, which began on October 1st, was a record $829 billion, about 16% higher than last years $717 billion shortfall in the first half of the year.

The monthly deficit was the second largest recorded for March, outpaced by the $192 billion gap posted in March of 2009.

Economists had expected a slightly higher deficit of $189 bill

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The United States government posted a monthly deficit of $188 billion in March, with the government spending more than double what it took in last month, the Treasury department said in a report Tuesday.

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Treasury Department Announces It Is Selling Its $142 MBS Portfolio

The Treasury acquired the MBS in 2008 and 2009 at the height of the financial crisis, as the near total shutdown of credit markets threatened to cut off all credit for homebuyers.

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The Treasury Department will sell up to $10 billion mortgage backed securities (MBS) a month of its total $142 billion portfolio it has acquired over the last several years, the department announced on Monday.

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What's In The News: March 17th, 2011

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This is what's in the news for Thursday, March 17th. the Wall Street Journal reports that a U.S.

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Green Dot Tops Consensus With Q4 EPS of $0.29 (GDOT)

Steve Streit, Green Dot's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, said, "2010 was a great year for Green Dot. We completed a successful IPO, secondary offering, and had record financial results. We concluded the year with a strong f

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Green Dot Corporation (NYSE:GDOT) reported Q4 EPS of $0.29, beating the consensus for $0.28 per share by a penny. Non-GAAP net income rose 21% to $12.7 million for the quarter from $10.5 million in the prior year. Total Q4 operati

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